Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Ted Baker Luxury ~ Boots Uk

When I heard that Ted Baker had a brand new collection out in Boots, I couldnt wait for a day off to go into town to see if they had it! I have purchased many of their products in the past for myself and for gifts for friends and family and generally very impressed by their products.

As soon as I saw the new collection i was overwhemled with just how gorgeous it all looked! So pleased to see most of the packaging print was in Porcelain Rose, which if you know me, its my favourite design ever by Ted Baker and have many items in it! Its just so girly, pretty and elegant.

I have only made one purchase so far, I got a set called Little Luxuries (£12 Boots), which includes two mini products; a body lotion, body spray and a full size lip balm. All each come in gorgeous floral packaging, the lip balm has a rose gold lid which is so unique and elegant.

Overall I love the quality of these products cant wait to make my next purchase! I have included below some of my favourites by Ted Baker also including the brand new body lotion and body spray!
Please let me know your purchases and thoughts on this gorgeous range!?