Sunday, 12 November 2017

Harry Potter Studio Tour - Dark Arts Event

Hello guys! So recently I had been re-watching the Harry Potter movies for the millionth time and it really got me wishing I could do something fun and adventurous to do with it. I have previously visited Wizarding World in Florida a couple of years ago and last year I went to the London studio tour for the Hogwarts in the snow event, so I have been quite lucky but I really wanted to do something before this year was over !

Sooooo luckily my dad just happens to be a Harry Potter fan (he came to wwohp with me after all!) and really wanted to take a trip to the Warner Bros studio tour as I’d already been twice without him. I said why don’t we go for an event, such as Dark Arts?! And so we did. 

I won’t post too many spoilers for those that wish to visit the tour during Dark Arts but a few sneak peaks. As it’s no surprise, The Great Hall looks absolutely stunning during this event, there are lots and lots of perfectly handmade and lit pumpkins hanging from the ceiling to create a floating effect! Which I believe is new for this year! They really were beautiful and more special in the flesh. 

Uh oh.... also new for this event are the ever so scary Death Eaters! They stroll the bridge and you can even have a duel with them, so take your wand and be warned!! 

There were some very exciting rare costumes on display such as some of dark arts clan bellatrix lestrange, and also Snape and Voldemort’s very last costumes from the deathly hallows. Found this all rather emotional and surreal how something from a huge film is right infront of you. 

We also got to enter the Forbidden Forest which wasn’t there last time I went! This was so exciting for me! Encountering a beautiful Buckbeak which you can bow to and the spookily scary Aragog and his spidey family along the way. Loved every second. 

Another thing I didn’t get to see last time was the scattered Hogwarts acceptance letters in the Dursleys house on Privet Drive!! This has never been open when I’ve been so I was thrilled to see it was this time! 

I only picked up a couple of items from the gift shops this time as I already have just so much merchandise so I thought I’d get something practical but adorable so I got these Pygmy Puff slippers! They are SO warm and cosy for the winters they cost £22 which is a lot but I love slippers so these are definitely worth it for me. I also wanted to get some different sweets as I always go for thto chocolate frog or Bertie botts every flavour beans so I chose some Honeydukes sea salted honeycomb this time and for £6 you get a lot for the money and it was delicious!! 

Overall this was most definitely my favourite trip so far to the Studio, probably because it was a family trip and my favourite movies of all time combined, but also because there was so much more to see and do. I would recommend going on a seasonal event if you can but the studio is great anytime whether your a Harry Potter fan or not! It’s reasonable priced around £30-£40 and there are saver days available. 

Have you been to the studios or plan to go?! 
And would you guys be interested in a mini haul from the shop there?