Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Recent Bath Treats

I've always loved and looked forward to a hot bubbly bath after a long day working and I'm often on the look for new products to try, especially if they are seasonal or sweet. I thought I would share with you some of my recent favourites! 

Lush Cosmetics - 

Pink Pumpkin 
Bubble bar

This very glittery pumpkin shaped bubble bar can be used a number of times to create the pinkest most sparkly of baths, it is limited for the Halloween season. It has a tangy, strong scent which will leave you smelling beautiful all day! 
You can get multiple baths from this bubble bar. 

Monster’s Ball
Bath bomb 

With the essence of neroli oil, this spooky pink one eyed beauty is back to haunt your bath this Halloween! 
It’s one of my favourites and just makes you relax.

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

Cherry scented heaven, hydrating and just feels so smooth on the skin! Use in the bath and rinse off, you won’t need to use a moisture when you get out as this will stay in your skin and hydrates for hours.

Bubble bar

Feline friends and cat lovers come together for this Halloween beauty! Blackberry scented. P.s your bath will turn black!
You can get multiple baths from this bubble bar by crumbling under the tap. 

Jelly bomb 
Ghouls just wanna have fun....... seawed after grapefruit scented jelly bomb, a unique and brand new texture which I found brilliant! Gunge in for a halloween delight! 

Also featured in the top post is the wonderful Baylis and Harding bath foam in Frosted Sprinkles which is currently on offer £1.99 in boots!

Have you found any favourites in stores recently which you love? Let me know!

D x