Tuesday, 28 June 2016

American Adventure

On January 25th this year I travelled to America for a two week holiday to Orlando, Florida. I've been wanting to go for quite some time so when it come around I couldn't have been more thrilled. As this was my second visit to the states, I kinda knew what to expect on the travelling side, long plane journeys and well...warmer weather! Last time I visited Atlanta Georgia. We did visit Florida briefly but only for a two days to visit Universal Studios and Daytona bikeweek (2009). 

So on my recent trip I was so excited to explore Disney, and being a huge Harry Potter fan, I had to go back to universal whilst the HP Celebration was on!  

 First stop...

Old Town
One of my dads favourites as he used to stay by here many years ago, totally retro. I can imagine this place was buzzing in its prime.

On to my favourite place in the universe... Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
It really is everything you'd expect and more. The fiction brought to life, detail by detail. Hogwarts castle, diagon alley,hogsmeade... The rides are amazing, my favourite being escape from gringotts. Even the queing for the rides is great cause it's just so scenic! I brought so much merchandise you wouldn't believe.... The shops are real based on the films.. How can you resist. Hogwarts castle is so beautifully realistically it's hard to take in at first sight. Hence why I went back almost 5 times the whole trip....! 

A Celebration of Harry Potter 2016 

The yearly celebration of WWOHP at Orlando resort features cast and crew members doing panels of a&q  and demonstrations. I was lucky enough to attend this years and oh it was worth it! I managed to see five of the cast do a a&q session this featured
, Evanna lynch, (Luna) , Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley), Matt Lewis (Neville longbottom), Bonnie Wright ( ginny Weasley) and Katie Leung (cho Chang) 

Opening Celebration Night 

Pygmy puff!!

Q&A Panel

over several days I explored wizarding world and the hp celebration, loved every minute!

Here's some merchandise I got .. 

Disney's Animal Kingdom 
Pure natural beauty, the best zoo type of place I have ever been too, it's just magical, feels like you're in Africa, you can go on Safari, meet Disney characters such as Pocahontas and Tarzan! We watched festival of the Lion King show, took trails to see many different animals.

Tree of Life

Walt Disney world Magic Kingdom 


Favourite ride..... Thunder mountain